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Specialising in regeneration, HTA Design LLP is a multi-disciplinary practice.

HTA Design LLP is a multi-disciplinary practice, specialising in regeneration. Comprised of specialist teams, HTA Design LLP employs 160 staff working in architecture, landscape design, planning, urban design, sustainability and graphic design & communications.


Combe Down, Bath Mulberry Park is the redevelopment of the former Ministry of Defence site on Fox Hill in the village of Combe Down on the southern fringes of Bath.
Wembley, Brent, London An 18 storey tower in North West London providing over 450 units of student accommodation using a unique form of offsite construction.
Overview This view indicates the square section timber batten cladding and roofing elements
Module Cladding The modules are revealed
Module Framing Module framing revealed.
Interior The interior of the scheme in conjunction with services
Services Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing services distribution and equipment.
Anywhere A prefabricated modular concept house where 90% of the build is carried out offsite.
Plymouth HTA's award-winning design for Millbay Plot A1 creates a new public waterfront for Plymouth, and delivers 102 quality homes in a fantastic dockside location.

Deploi has been working with HTA since mid 2013 developing BIM capabilities from a standing start.

Deploi has provided training and strategic advice as well as developing assets and protocols and has supported the successful delivery of several large and complex BIM projects.

Services used

a:D3 BIM Protocols

BIM protocols replace the outmoded CAD Manual and Graphic Standard, providing essential standards procedures and guidance for the team.

a:D2 BIM Execution Plan

The BIM Execution Plan is prepared to guide and govern the interplay between the members of the design team as they pursue the project and ultimately deliver the information assets at handover. A BEP is a requirement in the application of Level 2 BIM.

a:DA1 Office Revit Template Asset

The Office REVIT template is the key tool for effective project launch, maximising productivity & ensuring consistency. It forms the most valuable investment a business can make in the context of BIM adoption.

a:DA2 SmartbloksĀ©

Developed by Deploi to facilitate fast, accurate and responsive residential sector feasibility studies.

a:PL Project Launch

Project Launch is a hands on workshop style service that ensures a project commences on a firm footing with all key processes established.

a:PS Project Support

Deploi offers embedded project support by specialists with exceptional Revit capabilities combined with strong architectural experience.

a:DSR1 Revit Essentials Training

Essential Revit skills delivered over a 3 day course.

a:DSR2 Office Revit Template Training

The Office Revit Template provides a launch pad for each project that saves time and ensures compliance with office and industry standards.

a:sc Strategic Consulting

Strategic BIM Consulting is offered as an in office consultation and can be used to develop any of a range of strategic assets to improve operational effectiveness and improve the commercial outlook.