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Deploi provides a range of services that underpin the success of a BIM adoption programme.

Deploi supports the office, the project and the individual with services that enhance leadership, collaboration and delivery capabilities.


Engagement with the leadership of an organisation is critical to embed effective strategic goals and aspirations within a BIM adoption programme. BIM adoption and all processes that promote quality, consistency and efficiency are most effectively driven by senior management. Supporting leaders with the knowledge, materials and ammunition to do this is critical for successful outcomes.

Strategic activities include all potential planning support, high level education and office wide protocol and asset development.

a:sc Strategic Consulting

Strategic BIM Consulting is offered as an in office consultation and can be used to develop any of a range of strategic assets to improve operational effectiveness and improve the commercial outlook.

a:SA Office BIM Audit

If an organisation has commenced BIM adoption but its use isnt yet delivering higher quality projects with fewer resources or in a shorter timeframe (or both) an audit of the methods, process's and standards in use can reveal opportunities for improvements and enhancements that will deliver at the bottom line.

Digital Assets

Deploi develops and customises valuable digital assets. The employment of these assets has the potential to drive a BIM adoption programme far faster than the competition and early adopters alike. Assets that have taken organisations years to develop in house can be set in place and delivering returns in a fraction of the time.

a:DA1 Office Revit Template Asset

The Office REVIT template is the key tool for effective project launch, maximising productivity & ensuring consistency. It forms the most valuable investment a business can make in the context of BIM adoption.

a:DA2 Smartbloks©

Developed by Deploi to facilitate fast, accurate and responsive residential sector feasibility studies.


Digital tools in use to deliver BIM projects are complex and powerful. Strategic aims necessarily include harnessing the potential for productivity wile ensuring compliance with internal and external standards and maintaining consistency and quality across teams and projects in oder to deliver a competitive edge and improve profitability. High quality tailored manuals, guides, plans and protocols are essntial to achieve this.

a:D1 Office Revit Template Guide

A how-to guide for using Deploi's Template File. The template guide ensures team members understand and capitalise on the benefits of the full range of attributes embedded in the template.

a:D2 BIM Execution Plan

The BIM Execution Plan is prepared to guide and govern the interplay between the members of the design team as they pursue the project and ultimately deliver the information assets at handover. A BEP is a requirement in the application of Level 2 BIM.

a:D3 BIM Protocols

BIM protocols replace the outmoded CAD Manual and Graphic Standard, providing essential standards procedures and guidance for the team.


Since Deploi was founded its services in support of live project work has been in high demand. Whether a novice team needs bolstering or the project is large or complex or has aggressive time constraints and the team needs high level expertise to assist in delivery. Founded by architects, Deploi understands project imperatives.

Although we are most comfortable joining a team at the beginning of their BIM journey we are sometimes called upon to review the status of a project and offer suggestions for refinement, adjustment or problem solving in the context of a Project Audit.

a:PL Project Launch

Project Launch is a hands on workshop style service that ensures a project commences on a firm footing with all key processes established.

a:PS Project Support

Deploi offers embedded project support by specialists with exceptional Revit capabilities combined with strong architectural experience.

a:PA Project Audit

On occasion it becomes desirable
 to review a project at
 an appropriate milestone, with fresh eyes to provide reassurance that all opportunities are being addressed and ensure adverse risks are avoided.


Deploi has a training programme that ranges between basic and advanced software skills through to role based training workshops for BIM theory, BIM team leadership tactics and advanced technical skills.

a:DSR1 Revit Essentials Training

Essential Revit skills delivered over a 3 day course.

a:d0 Advanced Revit Techniques

Once the basics are mastered team members will benefit from Deploi advanced Revit training modules.

a:DSR2 Office Revit Template Training

The Office Revit Template provides a launch pad for each project that saves time and ensures compliance with office and industry standards.

a:d0 Navisworks Training

Autodesk Navisworks is the leading software platform for the viewing and analysis of BIM models. It is an invaluable tool for reviewing and coordinating design team and sub contractor models in a federated environment.

a:DSL Studio Leaders BIM Workshop

Successfully leading a BIM team presents a whole new set of challenges for Senior staff. The workshop introduces and explains the theory underpinning BIM today alongside tactics and techniques to support efficiency and quality control.