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Deploi is an architect-led consultancy formed in 2012 to assist construction professionals and their clients to transition smoothly into using digital methodologies. This allows them to unlock the value, which these new technologies can deliver.

Every business is unique and the potential for benefits derived from BIM varies greatly from one to another. In order to determine the right approach Deploi places great emphasis on forming a detailed understanding of the organisation.

This is critical to formulate the necessary process changes and enhancements needed at every level of the organisation to successfully capture those benefits and generate new areas of value.

Preparation & Oversight

Supporting client organisations in getting their office ready for Information Management to ISO 19650.


Deploi provide basic and advanced training in BIM authoring software platforms.

Capital Investment

At the outset of any organisations BIM adoption programme the investment in appropriate software and hardware to meet certain minimum standards is required.


Deploi provides clients with pre-prepared and customised documentation in the form of guides, manuals and protocols.

Digital Assets

Deploi develops and customises valuable digital assets that contribute heavily to a successful BIM adoption programme.


Engagement with the leadership of an organisation is critical to embed effective strategic goals and aspirations within a BIM adoption programme. Strategic activities include all potential planning support, high level education and office wide protocol and asset development.


Support in the launch of new projects as well as the provision of ongoing support are popular Deploi services.

BIM is a process for working with shared, structured, digital information for design, construction, operation and maintenance. The acronym stands for Building Information Modelling, or perhaps more accurately, Management.

The Deploi team is made up of Architects with a wide range of experience. Our approach to BIM is anchored by our practical knowledge and experience in the world of architectural practice and successful construction project delivery.

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