Established in 2002, HÛT is an award-winning architectural practice based in Shoreditch, London. They specialise in the design of places to live, work and play, many schemes combining all areas of expertise in urban re-invention projects.

The name HÛT highlights a belief that a simple, refined approach – robust, carefully considered and beautifully resolved – produces the most elegant designs

With Revit in use at HUT since at least 2012 the focus for Deploi was directed at implementing BS/PAS 1192 compliance alongside improving the strategic assets, in particular the office project template.

Services used

a:DA1 Office Revit Template Asset

The Office REVIT template is the key tool for effective project launch, maximising productivity & ensuring consistency. It forms the most valuable investment a business can make in the context of BIM adoption.

a:D1 Office Revit Template Guide

A how-to guide for using Deploi's Template File. The template guide ensures team members understand and capitalise on the benefits of the full range of attributes embedded in the template.

a:DSR2 Office Revit Template Training

The Office Revit Template provides a launch pad for each project that saves time and ensures compliance with office and industry standards.

a:D2 BIM Execution Plan

The BIM Execution Plan is prepared to guide and govern the interplay between the members of the design team as they pursue the project and ultimately deliver the information assets at handover. A BEP is a requirement in the application of Level 2 BIM.