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Deploi offers embedded project support by specialists with exceptional Revit capabilities combined with strong architectural experience.

Deploi specialists have exceptional Revit capabilities and strong architectural backgrounds resulting in a powerful combination to ensure project programmes are met, challenging modelling standards are maintained.

Project Support is Deploi's most popular service. It is often challenging to resource teams sufficiently with the appropriate levels of experience. An ongoing support presence from Deploi can guarantee results and provide the backbone to the digital team.

Tasks undertaken are varied but are often focused on challenging or complex modelling or sophisticated workflows using custom parameters, filtering and scheduling.

The quantity of Project Support requried varies widely. It depends upon size, scale and complexity of the project. The programme and the skills available to the team also contribute. A large and complex project delivered quickly with a team of novice BIM users is likely to require far greater levels of support.

Total support days therefore range from between a couple of days to several days a month for upto a year or more. Project support can be purchased by the day or in bundles of 5 or 10 days for enhanced value.

For additional value retainer arrangements are also now being offered.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Project services.

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