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BIM Execution Plan


The BIM Execution Plan is prepared to guide and govern the interplay between the members of the design team as they pursue the project and ultimately deliver the information assets at handover. A BEP is a requirement in the application of Level 2 BIM.

Level 2 BIM standards require a BIM execution plan to be in place though all projects benefit from this essential collaboration tool. Maintaining and deploying an in house BEP template on all BIM projects is essential.

The Deploi BIM Execution Plan has been developed in relation to industry standard examples, numerous precedents and incorporates clauses developed in response to real world collaborative challenges encountered on live projects past.

Deploi can either provide a generic template or may be commissioned to tailor the document to the specific needs of an organisation. In either case a working word file template including helpful explanatory guidance notes is available for limitless re-use on all future projects as well as development as required.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Documentation services.

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