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Our Approach

The Deploi approach to the support of BIM adoption revolves around tailoring to an organisations specific needs and providing support at the Strategic level as well as for project teams and individuals.

Every business is unique and the potential for benefits derived from BIM varies greatly from one to another. In order to determine the right approach Deploi places great emphasis on forming a detailed understanding of the organisation.

This is critical to formulate the necessary process changes and enhancements needed at every level of the organisation to successfully capture those benefits and generate new areas of value.


A successful BIM adoption Programme includes a comprehensive list of various business decisions, capital investments, expertise and asset development as well as notional projects and dependencies to allow for the sequencing of tasks and investments to be established.

Engaging senior leadership with Strategic BIM Consulting.

Production of valuable assets to maximise quality and productivity.

Production of tailored manuals, guides and protocols.

Engagement with project teams with Project Launch, Support and Audit.

Develop individual team member potential with our training programme.

Advice in the selection of hardware and software solutions.

Construction Clients

The activities required of construction clients to begin to realise the value of BIM are different to those undertaken by the design team and are more modest in nature. Notwithstanding this the magnitude of the benefit BIM has the potential to deliver to clients is much greater than that enjoyed by the design team.

Analysis of the client business model to establish opportunities for value generation through BIM.

Explore opportunities for digitising clients briefs and specifications to deliver valuable gains.

Documenting process and policy once established is essential for dissemination throughout any organisation

Support project teams in commissioning BIM project teams geared to successful outcomes.

Digital skills, whether theoretical or practical are critical for unlocking the potential for technology to improve business conditions.

Support investment decision making with up to the minute expertise.

Tailored Approach

BIM processes have the potential to impact almost every aspect of the architects business model. Deploi have developed an idealised BIM adoption programme. The aim is to guide office leadership teams to successfully navigate the process. It is a simple step to develop and tailor the programme to meet the unique needs of any organisation.