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Our Approach

Deploi understands both Building Information Modelling (BIM) and the wider, more client-oriented concept of Information Modelling (IM). We are thus able to tailor service to meet the needs of organisations on both the demand and supply sides of the built environment. We can support at the strategic, project and individual levels.

Every business is unique, and the potential benefits of information Management will apply variously from one to another. Deploi places great emphasis on forming a detailed understanding of each organisation to define the best approach.

The use cases to be applied and the capabilities needed to apply them must be worked out, to generate value the building owner and their suppliers.

Construction Clients

The activities required of owners to generate full value from Information Management ideally start before any project is launched. Awareness of the IM concept and analysis of its worthwhile applications lead to strategic planning and to investment in preparations. Returns on investment during a project and over the asset lifecycle can be very significant.

Raising mutual awareness of the owner’s business and of the relevant uses of IM to create value.

Establishing a strategy to apply IM across the portfolio.

Supporting organisations to equip their office to provide and use the IM toolkit.

Documenting process and policy once established is essential for dissemination throughout any organisation

Aiding in the selection of suitably experienced project team

Training people in the skills to use the tools selected.


The lead consultant role in IM needs to be understood, as does the process involved in using BIM software to deliver for both the client and the practice. Deploi is architect-led and can accelerate the process of learning and of setting up. We can also support teams in process execution.

Engaging senior leadership with Strategic BIM Consulting.

Production of valuable assets to maximise quality and productivity.

Production of tailored manuals, guides and protocols.

Engagement with project teams with Project Launch, Support and Audit.

Develop individual team member potential with our training programme.

Advice in the selection of hardware and software solutions.

Tailored Approach

BIM processes have the potential to impact almost every aspect of the architects business model. Deploi have developed an idealised BIM adoption programme. The aim is to guide office leadership teams to successfully navigate the process. It is a simple step to develop and tailor the programme to meet the unique needs of any organisation.