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Project Launch is a hands on workshop style service that ensures a project commences on a firm footing with all key processes established.

Prior planning and preparation is essential if a team is to ensure successful outcomes when commencing a BIM project.

The greater the size or complexity of the project and the larger the team the more critical the set up tasks become. Project Launch tasks are split between planning and BIM model set up. The set up procedures consist of advanced techniques whose correct implementation is of critical importance. For example establishing the geospatial location of the project.

When called upon Project Launch services at the outset, typically a Deploi team member join the project team for a several days. Time spent with the team leader at this point is critical to develop the necessary understanding of the project and apply this knowledge strategically while developing and documenting the project specific approach to BIM.

Depending on project specifics Project launch duties usually involve a combination of the following tasks:

  • Project Evaluation
  • Project Definition
  • BIM Diagramming Exercise
  • Survey data evaluation
  • Modelling Plan
  • Production of project template file
  • Creation of Site File
  • Creation of Preliminary Building Models
  • Establish Kit of Parts File
  • Link files and establish shared coordinates
  • Assess Employers Information Requirements
  • Prepare Preliminary BIM Execution Plan

Project Launch days can be purchased individually but 4-6 days are recommended as a minimum depending on project size and complexity.

Block pricing for 4 or 6 days represent enhanced value.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Project services.

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