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Deploi can help clients to take an active approach to BIM, to realise the full potential it can offer.

Many construction clients already have BIM processes in use on their projects by consultants, constructors and suppliers. But they themselves don’t play an active role in setting up and steering the process to serve their own interests in achieving project success and in subsequent asset management. Deploi can support clients in moving to an active role, reducing risks whilst unlocking major rewards.


Strategic consulting: Each client’s needs will differ, so we engage with the leadership to identify goals and aspirations which can be better served through BIM. We provide awareness-raising sessions to begin the interaction, illustrating the business case for BIM use on the client’s typical projects and helping to create a roadmap for actions to move from passive to active use.

Guidance Modules: Deploi provides guidance to construction clients to support them through the process of adopting best practice and of diffusing it across their team. Guidance takes the form of introductory workshops, documents and protocols. Several process modules are recognised across the industry and clients can choose which to adopt and in what sequence. The modules effectively extend the concept of briefmaking to include information management requirements and relevant process and commercial arrangements.

cc:SGM 1 Guidance Module 1 – Formalising the use of BIM

cc:SGM 2 Guidance Module 2 – Reviewing team formation

cc:SGM 3 Guidance Module 3 – Defining Operation and Maintenance needs

cc:SGM 4 Guidance Module 4 – Defining Decision Support needs

cc:SGM 5 Guidance Module 5 – Creating standard elements

cc:SGM 6 Guidance Module 6 – Equipping the in-house team


Deploi provides clients with pre-prepared and customised documentation in the form of guides, manuals and protocols. In order for an organisation to achieve the maximum return on their investment in BIM process adoption it is necessary to broadcast best practice methods and efficient techniques across all project teams. It is critical to establish a culture of diligence and consistency of approach when it comes to the technical aspects of BIM delivery. Only with this can the maximum time and resources be freed up for design exploration and creativity. 

By successfully promoting consistent approaches and adherence to office and industry standards organisations stand to reap the most benefit to their bottom line.

Carefully considered, presented and Informative guides and thorough and accessible protocols form the key to achieving these goals.

cc:d0 Organisation Information Requirements (OIR)

The process of adopting BIM processes starts with the definition of the information an organisation requires for its built projects. This master document then informs the Asset Information Requirements (AIR) and subsequently the Employers Information Requirements (EIR) a critical element of the brief that will guide the project team to deliver the BIM.

cc:d0 Asset Information Requirements (AIR)

The Asset Information Requirements (AIR) is a necessary precursor to be defined prior to the Employers Information Requirements (EIR) a critical element of the brief that will guide the project team to deliver the BIM.

cc:d0 BEP & BIM Protocol

Preparation of the draft BIM Execution Plan and the BIM Protocol to attach to team appointments

cc:d0 Employers Information Requirements (EIR)

The Employers Information Requirements are project specific and form the essential guide and briefing to alow the team to formulate an appropriate plan of BIM work to deliver the clients needs.

cc:d0 Plan of Work Definition

Defining the required plan of work for the project team; support with team selection.

Digital Assets

Deploi routinely develops valuable digital assets for designers that contribute heavily to successful BIM adoption. These assets are hugely valuable. The business model for many construction clients offers the opportunity to benefit from the development and use of custom BIM based library objects that describe in detail the repeatable aspects of their briefing process. A BIM object could represent a classroom, a hotel room, a courtroom or a residential unit for example. By embedding the brief and the specification in a reusable digital object maximum consistency can be maintained across the project portfolio. Design programmes can be reduced significantly by avoiding redundant repetition. Costs can be optimised and construction programmes can be reduced through enhanced coordination and avoidance of site clashes and rework.

cc:d0 Library Objects

Creation and maintenance of client standard ‘library objects’ for use in future projects.


The majority of client action to set up a project and its BIM usage occurs at RIBA Stages 0 and 1. Deploi can support clients in applying each of the guidance modules to a specific project. We can also support clients as Information Managers under the BIM Protocol, where the lead consultant or contractor is not considered suitable.

cc:PL Project Launch

Project launch services: assisting in making the business case for BIM use on a project at Stage 0; at Stage 1 helping to set up the BIM aspects of the project, moving through the processes chosen for implementation to ensure that the selected project team is fully able to progress; support in selecting the team is also available.

cc:PS Project Support

As a project progresses Deploi supports the client with the receipt and analysis of Stage end information exchanges.

cc:d0 Project Audit

Where the IM role is being played by the lead consultant and/or contractor, it may be necessary for the client to have periodic outside audits to ensure that sound process is being followed and that all opportunities for benefit are being exploited.

cc:IM Information manager services

Deploi can play the IM role under the BIM Protocol, supporting the project teams use of technology and information through the project, plus supplying the Common Data Environment. The IM service is often divided between the lead consultant up to the placing of the contract and the main contractor once the contractor takes the lead. Deploi can act in place of either.


Deploi provide basic and advanced training in BIM authoring and coordination software platforms. Our popular training programme is Autodesk certified and uses the industry leading Whitefrog training material.

cc:d0 Navisworks Training

Autodesk Navisworks is the leading software platform for the viewing and analysis of BIM models. It is an invaluable tool for reviewing and coordinating design team and sub contractor models in a federated environment.