Project Audit


On occasion it becomes desirable
 to review a project at
 an appropriate milestone, with fresh eyes to provide reassurance that all opportunities are being addressed and ensure adverse risks are avoided.

A Project BIM audit is commissioned when a project has stalled or expectations are failing to be met.

The audit process identifies both positive and negative project activities. The project will be assessed against the goals established for BIM outcomes as well as office standards and best practice Revit use.

As well as presenting the results of the review the audit report suggests practical methods, techniques and workflows for adoption by the team to rectify any existing problems and to capitalise on opportunities for greater efficiencies or the generation of additional value.

Project audits are arranged in a bespoke manner since all project conditions vary. Typically the audit team will review project material, documents and files. This is followed by an interview with the Project Architect and any other relevant team members.

The review and resulting report is generally split into three categories we term:

  • Industry
  • Office
  • Project

The Industry review relates to how well the project is adhering to the principles of UK BIM and current Industry standards such as BS1192, PAS 1192 and the AEC BIM Protocol etc. The Office review relates to the adherence to established office standards and protocols.

Finally The project review involves the review of Revit files and uncovers deviation from best practice and identifies opportunities for improvement.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Project services.

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