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HTA's award-winning design for Millbay Plot A1 creates a new public waterfront for Plymouth, and delivers 102 quality homes in a fantastic dockside location.

The blocks fronting the water provide a mixture of flats and penthouses, with terraces of townhouses arranged on short streets behind. The layout of the buildings means that almost all the homes have views to the sea. Innovative maisonette blocks have lower units which are accessed from the street at dockside level, and upper maisonettes

which are accessed directly from the West Hoe Road two stories up. A new public stairway runs through the housing to create a connection from the West Hoe Road to the dockside, and provide a new route for the public to access the waterside.




2013 - 2015








The Approach

Deploi were engaged to support HTA in a twin track proof of concept exercise to assist the developer in assessing the value of pursuing projects using BIM techniques. This is involved building detailed Revit models of all 9 buildings using the detailed information produced by the Architects using traditional 2D CAD.

The results of the analysis were very positive leading the client to draw positive conclusions informing their ongoing policy and for HTA to subsequently embark on a BIM adoption with full enthusiasm. The BIM models were used as a byproduct to generate working drawings for the final tranche of the scheme representing a third of the whole scheme.

a:DA1 Office Revit Template Asset

The Office REVIT template is the key tool for effective project launch, maximising productivity & ensuring consistency. It forms the most valuable investment a business can make in the context of BIM adoption.

a:DSR2 Office Revit Template Training

The Office Revit Template provides a launch pad for each project that saves time and ensures compliance with office and industry standards.

a:PS Project Support

Deploi offers embedded project support by specialists with exceptional Revit capabilities combined with strong architectural experience.