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Karma House

An 18 storey tower in North West London providing over 450 units of student accommodation using a unique form of offsite construction.

The design includes communal amenity spaces, meeting and IT rooms, a concierge service, bike storage and a shared communal garden. A cluster of three slim, stepping towers, the buildings respond to the heights of neighbouring developments, and are articulated by a complex pattern of solid, perforated and glass panels that leads the eye diagonally up the building.

The scheme was developed from the outset with Modern Methods of Construction in mind. The residential units are all formed from prefabricated volumetric construction, made in a controlled environment offsite and then transported to site to be assembled. As well as a very rapid build, this method ensures high quality and coordination.


Wembley, Brent, London


2014 - 2015


Student Housing


Donban Construction




1,821 sq mm2


The Approach

Deploi provided team training, project launch and extended support on this complex project. The scheme is very large and techniques were developed to manage the scale and complexity of the project. Deploi provided guidance on the coordination of the structural and the building services designs using BIM model overlay techniques.

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The Office Revit Template provides a launch pad for each project that saves time and ensures compliance with office and industry standards.

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Deploi offers embedded project support by specialists with exceptional Revit capabilities combined with strong architectural experience.