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Birmingham Conservatoire

A brand new home for Birmingham Conservatoire, part of Birmingham City University, will open its doors to students in 2017, continuing a history of producing talented musicians and performers dating back to 1886.

The building will comprise five performance venues, including a public concert hall with the capacity for over 450 seats and a full orchestra, plus a recital hall at 150 seats and smaller experimental music space, organ and jazz rooms. There are also plans for more than 70 music practice rooms of various sizes.


Birmingham, England


2014 - 2016


University Music Faculty Building


Birmingham City University


Galliford Try

Contract Value:



9,000 sqmm2


The Approach

Deploi provided basic training to the team and launched the project with strategic planning advice. Deploi joined the team, commenced the model and maintained a presence in support of the project coaching team members with advanced techniques, complex modelling and providing QAQC until the project team reached the appropriate level of confidence.

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