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The Circular Economy
another tsunami of information need

The construction world is facing several tidal waves of information need. The Building Safety Act calling for a Golden Thread, the Construction Playbook requiring the use of digital Information Management and the Value Toolkit which seeks data on Natural, Social, Human and Manufactured value for public projects have been joined by the Circular Economy requirements in the London Plan.

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Start with the End in Mind.
Briefing for Information Management.

Success in any project flows from sufficient planning before it is started. For the creation of a built asset, that preparation should centre on two areas: defining the requirements for project success and the information content which will support good decisions during the creation process.

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Information Mangement:
What, Why and How.

You have heard of BIM, but what is IM or Information Management? And why has it replaced BIM as the focus of digital processes for the built environment? Thirdly, how do you use IM to deliver the desired outcomes.

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