BIM Protocols


BIM protocols replace the outmoded CAD Manual and Graphic Standard, providing essential standards procedures and guidance for the team.

Replacing the CAD Manual and Graphic Standard, BIM protocols provide the essential standards procedures and guidance for team members to navigate the complexity of delivering successful BIM projects.

Without guidance team members find themselves adrift in the new age of BIM. This leads, at best to multiple and inconsistent approaches to common tasks the creation of wasteful processes and workflows and at worst the pursuance of dangerously inaccurate methodologies. It is essential to support teams with robust and proven methods to allow them to deliver projects accurately and economically.

The Deploi approach is to break the Protocol into 3 volumes which in turn are targeted at different parts of the office hierarchy:

Volume 1 is for Senior Partners and Directors.
Volume 2 is for Project Leaders and
Volume 3 is the full production manual for team members.

This service forms part of Deploi's Architects' range of Documentation services.

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